Perio Plus Regenerate Mouthwash 0.09% 200ml
Perio Plus Regenerate Mouthwash 0.09% 200ml
Perio Plus Regenerate Mouthwash 0.09% 200ml

Perio Plus Regenerate Mouthwash 0.09% 200ml

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Ideal use: Inflammed & bleeding gums

This mouthwash contains

Hyaluronic acid benefits: It can promote gum health as it has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it can help reduce gum inflammation and bleeding. It also helps in wound healing and tissue repair, it is helpful if you suffer from a lot of mouth ulcers too. 

Dry mouth relief: Hyaluronic acid promotes hydration and provides moisturisation and lubrication especially for those wearing dentures or on a lot of medicines for systemic illness. 

Chlorhexidine in a concentration of 0.09%. It is an anti-microbial agent. It has been used for many years aid in controlling and preventing oral infections. It helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, therefore helping the body to fit infection more efficiently. It is useful in treating Candida fungal infections ( oral thrush).

Citrox/P is a natural extract of bitter oranges and Polylysine amino acids. Better known as a Bioflavinoid. They provide safe and effective disinfection against a wide range of bacteria's, virusues and fungai. This combination ensures that it adheres to the teeth & gums for longer.

It also contains Sodium Flouride to help prevent decay.

To minimise staining from the mouthwash, reduce your intake of coffee, tobacco, red wine, curry and saffron. Also clean your teeth thoroughly.