Obagi Professional-C 15% Serum
Obagi Professional-C 15% Serum

Obagi Professional-C 15% Serum

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Obagi Professional-C 15% serum 30 ml

It address the signs of skin ageing, by maintaining skin hydration, improving the appearance of pigmentation and it improves the the potency of your SPF for added sun protection.

It contains 15% L-Ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C), a powerful anti-oxidant that works to lighten, brighten and soften your skin. it is a mild tyrosinase inhibitor.

The melanocyte skin cells release melanin ( pigment / tan) in response to the sun's rays to protect our skin. Tyrosinase inhibitors reduce the release of melanin, thus preventing new pigmentation appearing.

The Obagi Professional-C comes in 3 strengths 10%, 15%, 20%.                                      10% is perfect for most skin types, especially paler skin tones.                                        15% is especially goos for men.                                                                                            20% is great for darker skin tones.                                                                                          It is not ideal for acne prone skin. We can help advise you.


- Anti-ageing                                                                                                                                         - Skin brightening                                                                                                                      - Powerful anti-oxidant to protect your skin against harmful UV rays.                                  - Hydrates your skin

Tips for us:

Apply every morning after you cleanse your skin.                                                                Use 6 drops and massage it into your skin.